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  • Change the way we pay

Invoice and payment combined

PAYCY generates a payment request from digitally submitted invoices, which you release either privately or for your company directly at the bank account, together with the invoice. Request to Pay makes it possible. PAYCY is the first infrastructure platform to make the new procedure accessible to all financial institutions. Invoices and payments united at the bank account, completely digital and protected by European security standards. PAYCY thus makes an important contribution to end-to-end digital accounting and reduces paper-based processes, leaving a smaller CO2 footprint. In Germany alone, we use almost 32 billion sheets of paper annually to print and send invoices. It is true that more and more companies are digitising the many pages they send or receive year after year. But why don't we do without those pages altogether? Join us and make a difference with PAYCY! You want to know more? Find the details here or contact us!


Technology Partner PPI AG

Still unsure? You can trust us! We rely on the know-how and technology of our parent company PPI AG for our platform. The family-owned company already supplies all relevant financial institutions in Germany with state-of-the-art software for payments. Even if you are not aware of it – if you are a customer of a German bank, you have likely already transferred money using software from PPI.