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  • Request to Pay as a Service

The first bank-neutral platform

PAYCY is the first bank-neutral platform for Request to Pay in Europe. We combine invoice and payment at the bank account. No more paper – everything at a glance in online banking or in the banking app. PAYCY will change the way we pay!

Understanding PAYCY

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Invoices at the account

PAYCY combines payments and invoices – including an archive in the banking app.
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PAYCY accepts invoices in all common formats and converts them.

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Companies send their invoices digitally to each other using PAYCY.

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PAYCY provides the infrastructure for Request to Pay in Europe on a bank-neutral basis.

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EU standard

PAYCY uses the Request to Pay standard, which is uniform throughout Europe.
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Data protection

PAYCY runs in Europe on the server infrastructure of PPI Financial Services GmbH.


Icon financial institutions

PAYCY for financial institutions

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PAYCY for companies

Classifying PAYCY

"PAYCY enables us to offer completely new services."

Thomas Ullrich, Board of Directors, DZ BANK


Press Release

Bettina Rose and Torben Kelbch new Managing Directors of the Request to Pay platform PAYCY

Bettina Rose and Torben Kelbch will become the new Managing Directors of the Request to Pay platform PAYCY, a subsidiary of the software and consulting company PPI AG, on 1 May 2024.

How banks turn their core business into an ecosystem

With Request to Pay (RtP), the banking app becomes a digital safe. Anyone who buys something and pays with RtP receives a fully digitized archive.

"Request to Pay is creating an ecosystem around the account - and banks are leading the way on the account"

"Request to Pay enables us as a bank to offer completely new services," said Thomas Ullrich, the member of DZ Bank's Management Board responsible for Transaction Banking, at the announcement of the PAYCY request-to-pay platform. 
Press Release

PPI AG develops request-to-pay platform PAYCY with DZ BANK as strategic partner

With Request to Pay (RTP), invoices may be displayed at the online bank account and settled directly via an automatically generated payment notification in the future. DZ BANK relies on PPI AG's white-label platform PAYCY for the implementation.

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